List of works:


"Open Your Heart and You Can See A Wonderful World" Exhibition at Art-KIDS- Tic 親子藝術村 Harbour City


Illustration for the McDonald Children Books collaborated with Karena Lam


P for Papa - Exhibition of PMQ 元創坊 Housewarming Party


"funny people" booklet project at night market project


La Sardina Wardrobe Exbibition of Hong Kong Lomography
New Wave Fresh Look Exhibition of HKIED


LIGHT UP Exhibition of Amnesty International Hong Kong

DeTour DeX Program Exhibition by AOD - my little playground
Illustration for the cover of “listen to the people”2010維港合輯
Contributor for Culture Column at Milk B
Guest speaker for Pecha Kucha night #9
photography for "hoiming" s/s10 collection
contributor for bbluesky kids magazine

My Little Airport <介乎法國與旺角的詩意> MV
10 years of false alarm 十年show 宣傳短片
《凝映》photo and illustration exhibition at Basheer Design Books

Lomography's diana vignettes exhibition
My Little Airport <浪漫九龍塘> MV

Illustration for porporchannel <就係咁簡單> album
illustration for the cover of "we wish you an indie x'mas" 2007維港合輯

Worldwide pinhole photography day - hong kong show
False Alarm animation MV

Photography for False Alarm Album
Welcome to Hong Kong Disland t-shirt + booklet package.
My Moleskine Exhibition hong kong

Project 16 olympic game 2004 at
Zebra Head Sneaker featured by

Illustration by Lau Ying Ying for McDonald Children Books with Actress Karena Lam 2015

"Open your heart and you can see a wonderful world"  cowrice exhibition at Art-KIDS- Tic 親子藝術村 Harbour City 2016

"my little playground" exhibition 2010

at Victoria Prison, Old Bailey Street, Central

Our idea started from the simple thought of creating a white playground for our 3-year-old little girl that signifies innocence and purity. It all happens in this place of sin, where each person lives in guilt – the prison.

By visualising the contradictory scene, the ambiguity between right and wrong in adult and children’s world is revealed – How is it guilt? How is it purity? Rethinking how we learn, face, and hide from the stereotyped terms of honesty, right and wrong, mistakes…and at the end of the day, is this reflection of one’s inside self or is it a behaviour responding to our world?

Our daughter, at the age of three, is going through the learning process of knowing what is the right and wrong behaviour and developing the skills to adopt the correct values from her mom and dad. We, as typical parents, trying hard to teach her, rethink about ourselves, and then learn from her. 

"hug hug daddy" at My Chair Exhibition 2010

at Victoria Prison, Old Bailey Street, Central

Daddy is always the super crafter to make everything for their daughter. Of course, daddy can build a chair for daughter with the love of father. When daughter is siting on it, she just can feel like a hug of daddy.

P for PaPa

Illustration by Lau Ying Ying

“P” represents the warmth and passion expressed from Papa’s cuddle at PMQ


"my little dream when i am 4" at

NewWaveFreshLooks  Exhibition 2012

At the age of 4, you are full of braveness, dreams and uncertainties. You are seeking for the loves from your parents, building up the self-conscious. We, as your father and mother, on the one hand, are building up the rules for you, teaching you to obey and adapt to the world that you are living. On the other hand, we hope you are brave enough to live with your dreams, to break the rules with your independent insight. This is life, contradictive yet united.

"Daddy loves Ying Ying Camera" at La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition 2013 in Lomography Shop Hong Kong

 "凝映" book, 192pages, published 2009

"I published "Capture The Fleeting Moments of Life" to reveal my personal life. The publication records my daily life over the last four years with prose, photography and illustrations. I would like to share my attitude towards life; it's peaceful and yet conflicting. Also, sharing my feeling on works, family, marital relationships and the parent-child relationship, and some of my feelings. Just like everyone else, life is simple. However, I try to enjoy life as much as I can. I care about every single detail of these years, from my husband to my daughter, life is seesawing, but it brings me the unexpected calm."

interview by SHIFT

Homemade Animal Puppets at "capture the fleeting moment of life" exhibition 2009

height 34cm, acrylic on cotton

"Candleman" at Light Up Exhibition by Amnesty 2012 in Start From Zero

my little airport <浪漫九龍塘> MV 2008

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