一個由爸爸劉卓禮,媽媽郭小燕和女兒劉凝映及劉心映組成的家庭創作單位。cowrice是於2003 年創立,一直致力以自己當下的生活感受來進行創作。他們從相識,結婚,大女兒至今九歲,到小女兒今年剛出世,一直都無間斷地進行創作,每次都會以當時的自身反省來看世界,兩個女兒的加入改變他們對生命以及世界的看法,令他們從女兒眼中看見夢幻出現在平凡裏。 2009年cowrice以《凝映》為名推出一本以照片和文字為主的書藉,然後便一直以家庭組合參與各種不同類型的藝術展覽。凝映去年更與林嘉欣小姐合作為麥當勞創作兒童繪本故事書。

This creative unit is made up by Philip Lau, the father, Grace Kwok, the mother, elder daughter, Lau Ying Ying and younger daughter, Lau Sum Ying.
Since they met, the couple has been creating works reflecting their worldview and the birth of their daughter, now aged 7, certainly changed the way they see the world, leading to their child innocence-inspired creations.
Emulating their own simple lifestyle, Cowrice was jointly created by Philip Lau and Grace Kwok in 2003, with a focus on ‘silly’ themes, and using photos, texts, video, illustration and handicrafts. The work gives off a peaceful feel, expressing the authors’ weariness of modern society. Ying Ying was born in 2007 and they keep creating with her around, discovering through the child’s eyes a wonderful world amid the dull routines.
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